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GWM Tech has been offering for years its services by setting up rebuilt multispindle lathes for customer’s parts and it can so boast a large experience in finding and applying solutions to manufacture complicated pieces on said lathes even by producing directly attachments, which can improve the working times or which can make possible the execution of the requested particulars.

Fast drilling spindles, slides, piece supports, radial drilling spindles and stop systems for pick-ups are only a part of the attachments that GWM Tech has designed and produced to meet the requirements of its customers during the years.

We would be consequently very glad if you give us the opportunity to estimate your requirements also in the future: we are sure we’ll be able to meet them with brilliant, functional and high quality answers.

Here you can see some multispindle lathes ; here’s one rebuilt and tooled up with frontal toolslide
and this one with radial drilling spindle
at last we wish to show you a multispindle lathe of GWM Tech, tooled up and ready for mass production.

GWM TECH has grown up

You already know us, we have grown up also thanks to you and to your confidence, but for the ones who don’t know us yet: ask for references, for a quotation and you will discover that we sell new machines at a so reasonable price that you will surely wonder at.

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